I wanted to go catch a wolf and so
I took my binoculars and my gun…
It’s true that my mustache still doesn’t grow,
but I have courage and a look that stun.

I stood quietly—ready and prepared,
carefully hidden behind a big tree.
All of a sudden I became so scared
when a huge wolf jumped right in front of me!

My gun—what a shame!—fell down to the ground,
my mean look faded and became shallow…
And the wolf started grinning around
and finally said: “Hi, little fellow”!

He also added: “Could I, please, borrow
your binoculars until three o’clock?
I would so much like to sit somewhere low
and peacefully watch a joyful bird flock…”

What could I have done? Somehow I took off
my binoculars and put them nearby.
He took them and then just waved and shook off
and said: “Gotta go! Thank you and bye-bye!”

I saw that he put my binoculars
around his bold neck and left me to shake…
Then, I heard loud noise that sounded like cars
which was quite enough for me to awake.

And it’s not important what happened in past
or if he intended to trick me and steal.
We will yet to see who’s gonna laugh last
when I go to hunt—and this time for real.

Dragana Konstantinovic
Translated by the author

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