Maybe itís far beyond the sky
where nothing actually is around
and no matter how hard you try,
itís a huge miracle to be found.

Maybe itís hidden in a grove,
or just forgotten in endless fields,
or sleeps in mountains far above
carefully sheltered by magic shields.

Maybe itís kept deep in a sea,
discreetly guarded by shoals of fish
that wait for you to come and see--
at least to close eyes and make a wish.

Maybe itís just in front of you
among these words here that make a rhyme;
so, you should read a strophe or two.
Donít be impatient--take your time!

All I know is that you must find
the bright, blue star that you should follow.
Donít be afraid!  Donít stay behind!
It leads to shiny, new tomorrow...

Dragana Konstantinovic

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