There’s a land which name I really don’t know,
and there is no map that shows that land’s name.
It’s afraid of night, loneliness, and snow,
and all other things life brings just the same.

People that got used to live like caged birds
walk around in circles, more like spooks or ghosts.
They are left by God and all other worlds—
suffering and their minds became all their posts.

It seems to me sometimes that all of them sleep,
damned to dream for years like in fairy tales,
all with covered ears, eyes hidden too deep,
so they cannot see new dawns’ sunny waves.

As they seek a prince riding on a horse
to touch everyone with his magic sword,
as they need some magic, any kind, of course,
to wake them and break that captivity cord.

But, the prince won’t come to vanquish their cries
even if they wait for centuries to glide…
If they would just try to open their eyes,
they’d see that all strength is in them—inside.

Dragana Konstantinovic
Translated by the author


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