MY WISHES

                                I wanted to have a small puppy,
                                a white one that had a yellow spot,
                                to run after him through the park
                                and all around our backyard lot.
                                I wanted to love and to pet him,
                                to make him my very bestest friend,
                                to take him to a vet when he’s sick,
                                to smile and play with him to the end.
                                My wish was rudely put away
                                when they told me two words: “No way!”

                                I wanted to have a grayish cat,
                                a little one that had just been born,
                                so I could whisper to her all night
                                my secrets—small and those that were sworn.
                                I wanted to watch her when she eats,
                                to stop her when she was to run away,
                                to listen and enjoy when she purrs,
                                to love her in every possible way.
                                I thought that this was something for me;
                                but, they just told me: “That cannot be!”

                                I wanted to have even a parrot.
                                My every single day would just shine
                                if he would sing to me and make noise…
                                I wanted anything that would be mine.
                                They didn’t understand me at all…
                                Although the day was hot and sunny,
                                I felt those goosebumps all over me
                                when they looked at each other funny
                                and when they told me through a whisper:
                                “Let go of it all, you’ll get a sister!”

                                Dragana Konstantinovic
                                Translated by the author

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