Blitz3D MD3 Library Tutorial on how to use it.


Welcome to my Small Tutorial/Example of my MD3 Library for Blitz.
At the moment it is just a commented piece of code which is the sample program.
I will add to this as I develop it.

the Library commands are in THIS!! colour.

Tutorial Code:

; Md3 loader Sample Code, this loads in a specified file and then show the selected anims
; Include The MD3 Lib.
Include "MD3LIB.BB"
; Setup a 3d screen
Graphics3D 640,480,32,2

AppTitle "Md3LIB sample Code."
; Load in a md3 model.

; Setup the camera and backbuffer
Global camera=CreateCamera()
SetBuffer BackBuffer()
CameraRange camera,1,1000
PositionEntity camera,0,0,-100

; set the anim to be the first anim for the model
; Start of a while loop which loop untill escape is pressed
While Not KeyDown(1)