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Name, and click to download it.
Terran Music
A Midi of the original Terran song that is 30 seconds long, and takes about 2 seconds to download.
Note: You can email me whatever you would like for the Downloads section as long as it has to do with Star Craft, Diablo 2 or LOD stuff. STUPID THING WON'T LET ME UPLOAD MP3S ANY MORE!!!!! I HAVE TONS TO ADD!!!!!!
Old SC theme
This is what the original SC theme was supposed to sound like, but Blizzard scrapped the idea.
Main Menu Theme
The mp3 of the real main menu in starcraft, an ACCURATE mp3
My Fav Starcraft Song
This song's pretty cool...
The 12 Days of X-MAS
A funny representation done by the voices of starcraft units. FUNNY.