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(Friday,March 12,2002)
Hey Peoples!!Wuzzzz upppppp?im bored and tired,its really late...its bout  12:00am.Well this is fucked up:( I finished uploading the Chris pics.I still have to upload Jesse pics,group pics,Frankie,Greg,Jesse,Matt bios,and lyrics.Im really mad!I put so much work into making the lyrics purdy and each guy have a certian color and i cant get it to upload!:(well ....i'll find a way..hopefully!well I really dont know what to write...i want 2 finish the site..so then i can get a load of my mind.so then when im finished i can just add things later..so at least it will look good,cuz there wont be anything to say "coming soon"well i gotta bounce,buh bye!
Love Always,
  Steph                                  a.k.a.  LiL JessE LoveR
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