The Creation!!

Once upon a time (around 1980) there were two Polish escaped mental patients… possibly pyromaniacs. They decided to start a life together, and came up with a last name for themselves by picking several random letters. They came up with G_____k (not mentioning any names). It is obvious why they came up with their greatest idea ever: Barbara was one of those people who was obsessed with biology, human health, diseases, etc. and Mark was one of those people who had considerable knowledge of math, physics, and all that other boring engineering stuff. They pooled their knowledge together, and five years later came up with an ingenious superhuman. Disguised as an innocent blonde girl, this evil genius went on to become—well we can't give away government secrets like that. Several years later (11 and to be exact) a terrible accident occurred. The G_____ks created yet another evil genius, but this time, it was entirely by mistake, and this monster was even more terrible and ruthless than the first. She turned the most natural human expression (crying) into her most powerful weapon, and used it mercilessly at least several times a day, to get whatever she wanted at the time. She went on to become—well, hell she's only five, we can't predict the future you know.