Ok, check out the Necker cube on the left. If you look at the very top line, it appears that the square attached to it is the front of the cube, but if you look at the bottom line it looks like that is the front of the box. Get it? The brain never seizes to amaze me (and I can stare at the stupid cube for hours).



The most amusing signs, in my opinion, are found in churches. There's a church near my house, and everytime I walk by, I laugh. Their sign always says stuff like this: "Jesus loves you, whether you like it or not" and "God never takes a vacation." Go ahead, try and not laugh. If you're one of those strange believing people--so sorryJ.




Ok, this is a pic taken on our way to Massachusetts (my parents took like two rolls of film just on the highway, it was pathetic). I found it very amusing, cuz you know, that's were the Simpsons liveJ.







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