Ok, these are some poems I've written over the years...the ones that are actually ok anyway. They are rather personal, so if they're too corny for ya, or if you're just here to make fun of me, do me a favour and leave or just keep your critisicm to yourself. Thank youJ.


(a mimesis of Richard Cory)

When Tiffany-Marie walked down the hall
Everyone always stared in awe.
She was as pretty as she was tall
And they all gaped at what they saw.

And she was always nicely dressed
And she was always polite when she talked.
But still she made hearts race
Because she shined when she walked.

And she was rich – even richer than the Queen—
And her house – oh how we wished that we lived there—
The sight of it led us to literally mean
That we all wanted to be her.

So we waited for the fish to bite,
And went home drained, and cursed the car that didn't start
And Tiffany-Marie, one stormy winter night
Got home and stabbed a knife through her heart.



I feel the peace, the calmness, the power.
I am getting closer.
They are in the circle; beautiful long-haired women, strong, handsome men.
Dancing. Dancing in the circle,
Open fields and skies around them, tall grass, wild flowers, under their feet.
The Celtic music all around me, louder, stronger.
Each heartbeat, unites me. I, and the music, become one.
The circle parts, and out comes He.
I tremble with fear, power, ecstasy.
His hand, reaches out, away from his body, so strong, lean and beautiful.
He motions towards me, and I melt, under his mischievous smile.
I must resist. Stop.
Do not trespass, for what awaits on the other side need not be released.
I want to scream in agony, for I cannot resist the delicious temptation, that is him.

Sucks to be You
( a mimesis of a mimesis of some poem...I forget its name)

You are a cat stuck in a tree. You
Are a caged bird never to be free. You

Have a very ugly face. You
Are badly loosing the race. You

Are a kid not having fun. You
Are a baby burning in the sun. You

Are an old woman spilling tea too. It
Sucks to be you.