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Thank you dearest Gary for all that you gave to me and others.  I'll always love you.
This page is dedicated to the memory and honor of my dear Vietnam vet, Gary Fanning,  who passed away on April 9, 2004.  We had alot of fun going to rallies.  I know it did him good to be able to rally against the sort who so undermined our military when he was in Vietnam.    Gary was one of the good guys who would not have participated in the atrocities described by John F****** Kerry.  My husband had rotten onions and tomatoes thrown at him when he returned home and was called a "murderer" and "baby killer".  The memory of that stuck with him for the rest of his life.  I hope the mission of The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth prevails.  You guys rock!!!!
I want to thank all of you good and honest vets who did what you did for the love of your country.  You have given of yourselves to your country. 
This book is a link to one of the Swift Boat sites.  Please follow the link and make a donation to them to keep their ads coming.  John Kerry made his Vietnam service one of his reasons for running for president and uses it as a reason why he should be voted for.  He has no grounds to complain about those who contradict him and are trying to get the truth out.