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Assignment Links:
Personal Statement
Chapter 1 Summary
Project 1
Great Threads Company Analysis
The Links Company Analysis
Sam's Bookstore Analysis
Risk Hedging Analysis
Acron Analysis
Project 2
Times Series Forecast Analysis
Regression Analysis: Quasars regression
Project 3-DSS System-Please note Project 3 and all subsequent projects are done as group projects with Leana Greene and Tiffany Crockett.
DSS System
DSS Model with  Firm Demand Analysis Report
DSS, AFD and FD Spreadsheet
DSS Scenario Analysis
Link to DSS Goal Seek Analysis
Monte Carlo Simulation Part I
Monte Carlo Analysis of Concepts
Monte Carlo Simulaton Part II
Monte Carlo Simulation
Optimization Project Part I
Group Analysis
Optimization Part II
Optimization Example 4.6 Write-up
Optimization Example 4.6 Spreadsheet Model
Tiffany Crockett's Optimization Example Write Up
Tiffany Crockett's Optimization Spreadsheet Model
Lena Green Optizaton Write-up and Model