iLaunch Preview
My Project I started in the month of January, it is an iTunes for ROMs.  It will launch, organize and also have the ability to choose the mother application.  Project completed on the 22. Feb. 2006.  To download go to
This happens when you add a new file, it will fill in the Blanks automatically.   If the folders have the right path and name, pictures will also be added.  ESRB Picts has also been redesigned using Freehand.  Updated 28. Jan. 2006
Main Page of what the finished product will look like. - Updated 25. Jan. 2006
This what happens after adding your first file.  You can even start the game and play already.  Updated 28 Jan, 2006
Now have the ability to choose which application you like for the file to open with.  On Multi Add it chooses the main application.  Updated 29, Jan. 2006.  Adding games to viewable list now work (31. Jan). Sort through different titles now work (1. Feb).  Able to click on any game on the list and see the Info ( 2 Feb.)  Right now I am trying to solve the problem of scrolling in the list and selecting it.
Add Page - Updated 4 Feb. 2006
The project is now complete.  22 Feb. 2006.