Febuary 25th - Well I am finally going to attempt to finish these pages! Gosh that's a lot of work but I shall try. I need to change the tabs to say Dwarves and Syrians since I have decided to breed both and Syrians are not kept in pairs! I hope to finish soon. I am going to go ahead and complete the adoption page.

Well thats all for now. Keep checking back!

~ Allecia ~

Syrian Babies

January Male Pups

Sex Color Genotype D.o.B Sire Dam
Male Black aaP* 01-15-04 Brenden(Black Banded) Alana(Yellow Black)
Male Golden A*C*L*Pp 01-09-04 Athair(Lt. Grey Banded Umbrous) Zoya(Cinnamon Dominant Spot)
Male Golden Banded Umbrous A*BabaC*EeL*P*Uu 25 Athair(Lt. Grey Umbrous) Mayrey(BEC Banded)