Reap the benefits of owning and managing your own business.
Join our family of independent
DSD Merchandising Distributors.
Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur searching for a legitimate business investment, a new career, or another income opportunity, Direct Store Delivery Merchandising, a leader in impulse-buy product sales, is your key to that opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

For the first time in its 25-year history, DSD Merchandising, formerly known as Bargain Baskets, is offering Sales Route Distributorship opportunities in its most coveted territories.


There are more than 500,000 retail stores across the U.S., all of which represent potential customers for our products. Leveraging DSD Merchandising's copyrighted formula for success and coupling that with your ambition and your desire for financial freedom, any number of those customer stores can be yours.

When you acquire a DSD Merchandising Distributorship, you will reap benefits including:

     An established brand with a solid industry reputation;                                  Financial Freedom;
     Control over your professional and personal life;                     Job security and independence;
     A highly scalable business model;                                          NO froanchise fees or royalties;


DSD is committed to our distributors' success.  We provide the tools you need and a roadmap to succeed.  DSD offers you:

     A protected territory including a minimum of 20 established customer stores
     At least
80 pre-qualified, adjacent store leads
     Route Sales
training in your stores, in your territory
     DSD Merchandising Sales and Marketing Kit
     Our Product Catalog with
up to 70% margins
Free racks and displays for our products
     Financing programs

We help you continue to succeed by making available:

     Continuous, ongoing field training and support
     Telemarketing support from our Customer Service Call Center
     Continuous sourcing of new products and fresh merchandising opportunities


Since its inception, DSD Merchandising has been one of the industry's most recognized and trusted impulse-item suppliers.  We have sold more than 100 million imported products to the nation's top drug and supermarket chains, convenience stores, liquor stores, gas stations and small markets.

Business success, along with personal and professional achievement, can be yours when you join the DSD Merchandising family.  To learn more about becoming an independent DSD Merchandising Distributor, please complete the
Distributor Information Request Form and we'll be happy to discuss the details of this exciting business opportuity.
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