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Here are some of the sounds and video clips of DS!! (If you have trouble using them by just clicking on them, go to the bottom and we'll explain another way to access the files)

*New Additions*

Jesse's Answering Machine

Chris singing his part in IGMYLM Accapella

You're Taking Me Over Clip (studio version)

Here's part of a Sunny D commercial that has Jesse in it!! He's playing nintendo and drinkin Sunny D! It's not the best quality, but you can still see it!

Here are some clips from their CD:

Feel The Rain
They Dont Understand
It Happens Everytime
Gotta Get The Girl
Sugar Rush
Jennifer Goodbye
I Say Yeah
Matter of Time
Let's Get Funky Tonight
This Time
Hooked On You
Someone To Hold Me Tonight
Dream On

Songs that Aren't on the Album:

I Miss You (I don't know where this came from so if this is yours PLEASE tell me so i can give you credit...thank you so much!)

Other Sound Clips

Chris Singing California Girls (Thanks www.christrousdalegalaxy.com!!!!)
Full Im Gonna Make You Love Me
Greg Singing About Hair (clip) (I don't know where this came from so if this is yours tell me and i will give you credit! Thank you!)
The Christmas Tree Song (Jesse with the Sugar Beats...see if you can tell which one he is lolz)
Best of My Love (Jesse singing..SO CUTE)
Chris Singing Im On Fire
Chris saying a mall is cool
Jesse's Voice Squeaking (SO CUTE!!!)
Jesse Saying Something About Most Of All (I donno but its sexy haha)
Silent Night
Jesse on AMC
Clip of Guys Talking About Being Single
Sugar Rush Accapella
Jesse singing Rockin Around the Christmas Tree(clip)
Jesse singing The Little Saint Nick(clip)
Jesse singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough(clip)
Jesse singing Dancing Machine(clip)
Chris singing I've Been Everywhere
Chris singing in the hallway haha (credit goes to http://www.tommy2.net)
Frankie singing Forever and Ever (SO CUTE!!)
Interview After FYE Music Store Signing on February 23, 2002 (Property of www.MusicLivesForever.cjb.net)
Interview with Greg on BLI
Chris Saying his Last Name Right
Chris Singing California Girls (Thanks www.christrousdalegalaxy.com!!!!)
This is gonna kill all the rumors about Play and DS...listen (thanks www.play-central.com)

With All My Heart(Live)

I Miss You (Live)


Check out this video clip of "Im Gonna Make You Love Me...Chris's song with Play (thanks www.play-central.com)

DS on Slime Time Live

Teen People Interview

It Happens Every Time Video (Uncut Version)

It Happens Every Time Video

DS on Nickelodeon asking you to vote for their video

Chris in Cannes on E!(clearer) (Thanks tommy2.net!)

Sugar Beats: How Sweet It Is (it takes a while to download but its worth it to see Jesse!!)

Go For It Thing ~So cool!!~ ::Video::
3 Awesome DS Videos
Launch Interview With DS

DS Related Clips

Feel The Rain Karaoke
It Happens Every Time Karaoke
Sugar Rush Karaoke

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