GeT CReaTiVe: avatars

ok, so today i made an icon for the jesse boards at fan-jam, and got a few compliments on it, so it was encouragement to get this page up!  here, you can get your own custom made avatars/buddy below for more information!

in case you don't know, an avatar is a flashy buddy icon...below are some that i have made.  the one's that are starred PLEASE do NOT take and use yourself, because they are the one's i currently use on AIM/fan jam.  certain people have taken them, and i'm not too happy about that, so please guys..if u want me to make one for you, just ask, instead of taking the ones i use for myself!

** ** **

i know itz probably making you feel like ur gonna barf from looking at all those flash right next to each other, but

i can make you either an avatar, or a buddy icon.  the requirments are below...


at LEAST 3 pictures/sayings
-specify which picture.  if you ddon't see it on the site, then send me the one you want!!

if itz important that the font/background color/color of font is a specific one, please specify.  if not, i can do it myself :)

fast, slow, medium, the same as the one's above...please specify the speed you want yours to go.


for the buddy icon you can only have 2 frames.  so i would suggest a saying, and a picture.  or two pictures.  or two sayings.  whichever you wish.  just specify the same information as listed in avatar.  the first example at the top is my buddy icon for aim, so there is what your going for. 

so go ahead and e-mail me, and i'll work on getting your avatar/buddy icon to you!!!!