CD's i own: i'm just loaded w/em'...SYKE

ok, so i don't really have that many CD's, but still.. here is a list.  and i made little side notes on some, so if your curious as to if itz good or not, i let ya know!!  enjoy!


this time around **if you buy ONE hanson CD *ever*, make it this time around.  this shows the real hanson, and what everyone should listen to, instead of their high voices on MMMBOP!**
snowed in
middle of nowhere
3 car garage
live from albertane
i will come to you/cried
i will come to you/mmmbop live
if only 1
if only 2
where's the love
moe enhanced CD
this time around single

dream street-

dream street  **i'm pretty sure if you are on this site, you already own the CD, but if for some odd reason you don't, what are you WAITING for?!?! pick it up!!  you know it rocks!**
i say yeah
it happens everytime
with all my heart single
with all my heart soundtrack

evan and jaron-

evan and jaron
live at kalo's
not from concentrate


sooner than later  **GREAT cd!!  and the even greater thing?? you can get it for C-H-E-A-P!!  i got mine for like, $8...**
promo CD single of still on your side


98 and rising
this christmas

michelle branch-spirit room  **must have!  this girl can SING.  she has TONS of talent, and if you liked her song 'everywhere', you'll LOVE this whole CD!**
the calling-camino palmero  **ok, so not only is alex band sheer hotness, but their is not a dull song on the CD!**
bliss 66-trip to the 13th  **saw these guys open for evan and jaron, and they were AWESOME.  even better live then on the CD, but still a good CD!...that, and the guitarist, he's a horny toad...just thought i'd add that one in...LoL**
rascal flatts-rascal flatts  *aww!! itz like, my fave country singers EVER!!  these guys are GREAT, and the CD rocks!!  check out the song 'i'm movin' on'..itz beautiful!**
mariah carey-butterfly
mariah carey-rainbow
the moffatt's- chapter one, a new beginning  **yeah yeah, i'm sure your saying, 'THE MOFFATTS?! what are you THINKING?!" but really, this CD is really good!**
no doubt-tragic kingdom
lil bow wow-beware of dog
aaron carter-aaron carter **if you like aaron carter, you better get this CD, cuz itz a must have for a fan!!  nothin like that high little voice...awww**
k-ci and jo jo-it's real
princess diaries soundtrack  **the best soundtrack i've ever bought!!  ok, so the only other one was space jam, but still..LoL...this has aaron carter, bbmak, hanson, youngstown, and a lot of other great pop artists!!  (although i don't know why hanson's on their, cuz the song is NOT pop!) **
blink 182-enema of the state **great CD!!  fun to turn up and blare on your radio..just to piss your mom off...LoL**
blink 182-the mark, tom, and travis show.  **if you are in the mood for a FUNNY cd, then this is for you...i die whenever i listen to it!  hilarious!**
destiney's child-writings on the wall **i don't think i will ever buy another destiney's child CD, but hey, if itz what you like!**
no authority-keep on
shakira-laundry service
TLC-crazy, sexy, cool
aerosmith-oh yeah
avril lavigne-let go
bbmak-into your head
rascal flatts-melt
good charlotte-ST
good charlotte-lifestyles of the rich and the famous
simple plan-no pads, no helmets..just balls