i don't know if this is hard for some people to understand, but i am going to try to help you to do so!  a few days ago, i was in a dream street chatroom, and my screen name was HaNSoNisSHiBBY.  the chat was thru aim, and that happens to be my screen name.  well, as i was chatting in the room, i was interrupted by a message that said, 'do you like hanson more than dream street?!'......

i'm not going to sit here and lie.  i DO like hanson more than i like dream street.  i have been a hanson fan for over a fourth of my LIFE!!  that's 5 years!!  i can't just drop them like that, because a great group called dream street popped onto the music scene. 

that's not to say that i don't like dream street.  i promise you, i love these kids with all my heart!!  that's why i have a website about them, and that's why i spent money on their CD, merchandise, and not to mention 4 tickets to see them in concert.

the girl that asked me that question, had enough nerve to say, 'well then YOU'RE not a TRUE dream street fan, and you need to leave the chatroom RIGHT NOW'.  and the sad thing? she was dead serious.  this frustrated me.  just because i like hanson more than i like dream street, doesn't make me any less of a fan of ds.  personally, i think the girl that said that wasn't a TRUE dream street fan, just because she had the nerve to say that to me.  of course i didn't leave the chat room, because i thought that i had a right to be there, just as much as any other fan. 

so if you think i'm horrible for liking hanson more than dream street, i'm sorry that you feel that way.  and if you think itz cool that i like hanson more than dream street, then thank you! it's nice to have some maturity out there :)

just thought i'd reassure you guys that dream street fans CAN and DO like other bands/groups more than dream street....itz not a crime.  and i doubt dream street are gonna shun me for liking hanson more!!!