GiRLFRieNDS: get over it!!!

every week on the fan jam message board for jesse, there are new arguments about dream street and their girlfriends.  personally, i think it gets *very* old after a while.  fans have even gone so far as to say that dream street is lying to us.  this is INSANE.

first of all, if dream street DID have girlfriends, itz none of my, or your, freaking business.  no one makes a big deal when people at your school start going out.  they're teenagers, so are the guys of dream street.  let them be!! 

second of all, for those who think that dream street is LYING to us, i wouldn't expect the guys to tell their fans anyway.  it gets a LOT of 'unwanted' attention, towards them, and their girlfriends.  as stupid as it sounds, hanson actually lost a lot of their fans, when they openly admitted that they had girlfriends.  so while *I* was proud of them for telling everyone, the little teenies, were freaking out and having a fit. 

all this CRAP about ds having gf's, and ds NOT having gf's doesn't matter.  if jesse, chris, matt, greg, or frankie feel like telling us, then i'm sure that they will, but until then, PLEASE.  just leave it alone!! 

y'know, the guys are going out of their way to bring us music that we love, and we repay them by making up stupid rumors about girlfriends?  i think itz sad that some people think itz horrible for them to have girlfriends.  they are teenagers too, and no one freaks out when you get a freaking boyfriend, so why is it such a big deal that they get a girlfriend?  they're out there busy making music to make YOU happy, and people are actually throwing the girlfriend thing right back in their faces? how lame.

now remember that this, obviously, doesn't apply to everyone.  not all dream street fans are immature and insane.  but for those of you who do make a big deal over dream street having girlfriends, and for those of you who like to start rumors about it, please, back off.  itz not very becoming, and the mature fans, along with dream street, are going to think you're a moron.

so for those of you who are actually on the MATURE side of the dream street fan-wagon, then keep the pride alive baby!!!


i just read this, and thought i should comment....

K: Do you find it easier or harder to get a girlfriend now?

C: It can be harder because sometimes they're just looking at you for the wrong reasons. You know, they like to be in the scene just to say, Oh, he's my boyfriend. It's tough to find a genuine girl that likes you a lot. But, I know I just found a girl that I know I totally admire. Her name's Lindsey Lohan... the red-head from The Parent Trap. We've actually been going out on a few dates recently and we really like each other a lot.

GOOD FOR CHRIS.  on the message boards, it'd been going back and forth from SO many different people that he was going out with her, they were talking, yadda yadda yadda, that i am FINALLY happy to hear him say the truth!!  

now i don't really know much about this lindsey girl, so i can't say if she's good enough for him or not (haha), but i just have to say that i am SO happy that he has come out and said that.  everyone deserves to find someone that makes them happy, and accepts them for who they are, and i'm just happy that chris has possibly found someone for now.  and itz not like she's likin' him for the money or fame or anything, cuz i'm thinkin' she has enough of that to suit herself.  LoL.  although i do think itz pretty funny that he refers to her as 'the red-head from the parent trap.  LoL...

so yeah.  good job babes!

PS: i found the interveiw HERE


about the above article...obviously chris can't seem to make up his mind about who he's going out one knows what happened with the whole lindsey thing....i think itz funny...poor chris!


now i'm *really* freaking out....all the teenies are wiggin' out cuz jesse took halie to the emmy's...for God's sake people..they're NOT GETTING MARRIED!!  at least not as far as i know..she IS like, 20 years old, so they'd have to wait at least 3 years for jesse to be legal to get married anyway! (oh geez, i just scared them again..LoL)

the saddest thing, is that jesse can't even take a friend to the emmy's with him, without everyone in the world thinking that they're going out.  come on people..that's just stretching it a little...what, did you want jesse to take frankie with him to the emmy's?!?  THEN people would talk...just get over it :)  

oh, and itz not very becoming to make posts on fan-jam saying, 'omg, i can't believe jesse is freaking taking halie to the emmy's...he could do SO much better..she's SO stuck up, BLAH BLAH BLAH' just makes me cringe when people do that!


by the way...greg and i are dating now..he comes over to my house and cuddles all the time..LoL