JeSSe and HaLie: please...just stop whining!!

as some of you may have noticed, jesse took halie from 3rd faze, to the emmy's with him this year. not his mom, not lea, but halie.  a LOT of people are freaking out, and i think itz crazy that FANS are making such a huge deal....

and just to annoy the ones that are~>

AHHHH!!  they're holding hands!!  ::gasps::  what ever are we to do?!?!'s a happy for the kid?!?! i mean, he's freaking 15 years old, and he was nominated for an EMMY.  and people actually have the nerve to worry about who he took with him?!  HELLO?!?!  the kid is SMILING!!  JESSE, the one that everyone says is mean, is actually smiling...there is actually a GRIN across his face....and you're trying to take that away from him by saying, 'eww, ick, he shouldn't have taken HER to the emmy's with him'.  just be happy for him!

and HELLO...itz not like they're going out!!  they're just friends!  she's not his girlfriend, she's not his wife, she's just a FRIEND. 

i think the reason that people are getting so upset about this, is because they're JEALOUS.  come on..she's beautiful, she can sing, she's famous, AND she went to the emmy's with jesse.  yah..jealousy is DEFINATELY an issue here...

the next time i hear someone say, 'eww....i can't believe jesse took her, she's so gross and stuck up' i'm gonna scream...itz none of our business in the first place.  AND people are actually forgetting that jesse mccartney, who is 15 years old, has been nominated for an emmy TWICE.  that's pretty amazing...and people are sitting here worrying about him taking halie with sad.