as all of you know (and if you don't...get out from under your rock) dream street is not together anymore.  yes, there are talks of a *new* dream street, but me, i'm not goin' for that whole idea.  but more of that later.  recently, an e-mail was sent out by maryann and jesse, matt, greg, and frankie's parents and them...here is the letter, with some of my commentary, and how i feel about the whole thing...if you're going to cry, and get your panties in a bunch, then please, just leave now, cuz quite frankly, i don't care...LoL...(they're in bold, i'm in plain)

Hello Everyone, I am very sorry that I wasn't able to send out this update sooner. I've been receiving so many e-mails from fans with many concerns. In this update you will be reading a statement from the parents of Greg, Matt, Frankie & Jesse. You will also read a statement from our boys. Each boy has a very special message for all their fans to read. Please do not e-mail me asking any questions. It's impossible for me to answer all the mail I have been receiving. I understand all your concerns and plan on addressing them. Each update I send to you will give you a better understanding and clear up some of the rumors you have been hearing. It's been a very difficult time for our boys and our families. The love and support of all our fans have made a huge impact on all our lives. Thank you all, God Bless, Maryann Raposo

P.S. If you really need to write I ask you all to please write in  the subject line "On Your Update List ." Thank you

*I* think itz really important that the fans DO know what's going on..i'm a little pissed that we were lacking information for so freakin' long.  but hey, maybe that's just me!!  i guess now that this is all out in the open, i feel a little better...'if you really need to write, i ask you all to please write int he subject line 'on your update list'...ok..'i'll only respond if your on the list, so HA' LoL
Letter from Greg, Matt, Frankie & Jesse's Parents

Last Friday Judge Diane A. Lebedeff of the Supreme Court of the County of New York issued a ruling that declared that three applicants Matt Ballinger, Frankie Galasso and Greg Raposo are released prospectively from their obligations under the previously approved contracts with Dream Street Entertainment, Inc. (DSE.) As a result, Matt, Frankie and Greg are free from any obligation to perform services for DSE, the company owned by Lou Baldonieri and Brian Lukow.  Judge Lebedeff excluded Jesse McCartney from her ruling because he had resigned from the group before the hearings commenced.  Jesse felt that DSE was not abiding by its contracts which allowed the boys to take outside acting roles. The parents of Frankie, Greg, Matt and Jesse held true to their values and beliefs in initiating this proceeding, mainly but not exclusively because of morality issues.  They remain committed to their position that they acted in the best interests of their children. From the beginning, it was never their intention to “steal the band.”  And, the parents never asked for the use of the name Dream Street! They had only hoped that the boys could continue to perform for their large and loyal fan base if things could not be worked out with the producers.  As they and the boys weigh the options ahead, please know that the fans will remain an important consideration in any decision that gets made. Their support and faith during this very difficult time has been uplifting and inspiring.

so jesse wasn't even IN the group before they even went to court?! hmm..interesting......
A Personal Message written from Jesse, Matt, Frankie & Greg

Hey guys, it's me Jesse.  I just wanted to write and say that I miss you guys a lot, and I can't take not being on stage performing for you!  Trust me, I'm just as upset as you guys that things have been on hold for this long!  I hope that you guys will have as much faith as I do that things will eventually work out. I know that you guys are still out there supporting us, and I can't thank you enough!! You don't know how much everyone of you mean to all of us. It's been said before and I'll say it again...without you guys, there would be no Dream Street.  Anyway, I love all you guys and I hope to be seeing all your faces very soon!! Hang in there, I know we'll be back!
Stay True~
Jesse McCartney 

ok..he said 'you guys' a total of SEVEN freaking times...LoL....awww...and 'you guys' thought he was a bitch...LoL...stay true~
Hey, was up this is Matt. I would just like to thank every single fan for their great support through this ordeal. I really miss you guys. This summer has been a disappointing one because I didn't get to see all of our loving fans. But if I look at this summer in another way, I realize that all of you guys have taught me a great deal about myself. You guys have taught me to never give up on my dreams and to hold my head up high, for that I thank you. I will be back for you soon, so don't worry. Oh yeah and thank you for all of the awesome gifts that you gave. I'll be back for you in no time. You guys Rock. Peace

With Love,

personally, i think matt's was the most inspiring...it made me think that there was still stuff to come, and i think everyone should realize that.  ::sniff sniff::...'i'll be back for you in no time'..sounds like a movie if you ask me...
Hey guys, this is Frankie.  I just wanted to let everyone know that all of your support in the last few months has not gone unnoticed.  I deeply appreciate everything all of you have done for us, and thank you for sticking by our side.  Thank you for all the gifts, cards, and letters that you've sent to me.  Although I am not always able to reply, I DO read them all.  I miss you guys and I'm sure Ill see you all soon.  Thanks again for all of your support!

Love you guys,

awww...can you just see frankie sitting down to type that?!?!  he just makes my day...LoL..he 'deeply appreciates' everything...haha
Watsup everyone this is Greg.  The recent problems that have been occurring with Dream Street have been frustrating and down right depressing.  I have been working with Dream Street for the past 4 years and it has become a major part of my life.  It has always been my dream to stand in front of a crowd and perform as I do.  The adrenaline rush, the love from fans, and most importantly my love for music has all become an addiction for me.  I miss being on stage more than I can describe not to mention seeing all of you.  I was asked to write this letter to explain some of the problems that have been occurring with Dream Street, but I feel that it's irrelevant to the point that I want to make.  I have no desire to bash or speak bad of Brian, Lou, or Chris.  It is extremely unfortunate that our differences in morality has caused such a great damage to the group and I'll leave it at that.  Still I refuse to let these problems slow me down.  I'll admit that at first I was very depressed and emotional, but at least I wrote a few good songs from it.  It wasn't until I read some of the many support letters that have been sent to me through both my Mom and my website that finally opened my eyes to a new look on the situation.  Achieving fame is a dream that stands near to the impossible.  I was lucky to get a taste of it.  With that taste and my natural love for music I have only gained more ambition.  The support from fans is not just touching but it's motivating.  I can't express how much everyone's support really means to me and I know that with the fans in mind I can achieve the impossible.  I def. plan to do so and I promise that whether it's with Dream Street or not I will always work my hardest to remain standing in the light where I belong and want to be.  Thank you everyone for standing by my side and most importantly thank you Mom for your love and strength to follow your heart and values rather than give into the temptations of fame and fortune. To get to the top of the mountain you may have to climb the rocky side but what makes it difficult is knowing you can slide down the other side enjoying the ride but then getting stuck again at the bottom. Greg

hmm...i have mixed feelings on this...i love greg and all his hornyness with all my heart...i really really do...but it just doesn't seem like HE wrote the letter....i mean, there are some grammar errors, but other than that, it seems like someone else typed it up for him...but i dunno, maybe itz just me.....he thanked his mom seperatly which kinda surprised me, but i'm not going to get into THAT...oh, and he only signed 'greg'...not 'be real~' 'with love' or 'love you guys' which kinda surprised me...i was kind of expecting 'if you're hot, i wanna do you, if not, thanks for your support...love always, greg'..or something ilke that...LoL
So What has Greg, Matt, Frankie & Jesse been up to?

Greg and Jesse: can be heard singing a Charmin Jingle on Radio Disney. Can you guess who is singing which part?
yes...i can guess...holy wow..HOTNESS...like i always say..only greg and jesse could make toilet paper sexy...LoL

Greg: Is busy recording some of his own original music. Greg can't wait for all his fans to hear his music. More details at later updates.
ahh, i can't wait for this...music written by greg, and sung by greg...can't you just see him in the studio with his guitar?! yum...

Matt: is presently shooting a movie called "Mineville." Matt plays an Irish boy who's Dad works at a mining town. The movie is about the conflicts in that town. More details will come at later updates.
matt an irish boy?! LoL....can you see matt in a kilt?!?! ahhhhh funny stuff!

Frankie : The end of August Frankie will be shooting in a movie called "A Tale Of Two Pizzas ." Frankie plays Vincent Pastore's nephew Tommy. More details will come in the later updates. 
awww, it sounds like a disney original movie, but hey, cute altogether! LoL

well i don't know about you guys, but i'm really excited about the future of these four guys...i really enjoyed dream street while it lasted, but i don't think that they all need to be together like that, to be successful.  i think they all have their talents in different ways, and while i was/am a HUGE dream street fan, i think everything's gonna be ok!!  aww! i actually got kinda MUSHY there!! ahhh!! LoL