HeLP THe CauSe: locks of love

in november, i had hair that stretched clear down my back, almost to my butt!  but all that changed, when i got 14 inches of it cut off, and donated to locks of love.  if you have not heard of locks of love, it's time you do!!  locks of love is a great organization, and i am proud to say i am associated with it. 

all around the world, there are children suffering from cancer, who have had to undergo chemotherapy, and at the same time, lose their hair.  locks of love is an
organization that takes hair that people have donated, and made it into wigs, so that these children can have the hair they had before. 

a lot of people say 'oh i could never cut my hair off!!'.  i don't believe it.  i mean, imagine how horrible you would feel if you were sick, and lost all of your hair.  especially as a little girl.  if you are one that has thought that, then just remember.  your hair *will* grow back.  these kids' hair won't.  the feeling of knowing that your hair is going to something as great as locks of love, is a great feeling.  take it from me, i felt it!!

so if you are interested in learning more about locks of love, please go to the website below.  it will tell you everything you need to know about donating your hair! thanks!

Locks of Love