i get SO sick of hearing 'jesse is mean!' over and over from FANS!!  one girl on the fan-jam board posts:

Ok, im talking to this girl and she said she met jess at a mall and he was a real b****, and he just like totally blew her off and stuff...she said she ren into them at a mall and that he wouldnt sign her autograph or give her a hug, and they rest of the guys were like just give her a hug and he was like no! so who knows....

now.  i have NOTHING at all against this girl.  itz not her fault she talked to a moron.  (that was mean, oh well).  but here is my point.

first of all, i don't think jesse would blow her off like that in the first place.  second of all, he is a teenage guy.  just like me and you, i'm sure he has bad days.  as many like to think jesse is a perfect angel, and no matter how strong you feel about it, he's NOT!!  he's gonna be in a bad mood every now and then.  you can't expect jesse to be nice ALL the time.

also, some people are just overly sensitive.  as sad as it is, some girl probably overreacted and said that jesse was being 'mean' to her.  well wah.  maybe he didn't feel like giving her a freaking hug?! imagine how many people he has to hug/kiss becuz they ask.  and all from people he doesn't even know?! HELLO.  i don't blame the kid.  i know i wouldn't want to hug half the people he hugs!! 

now i dont know him personally, and i've never met him before, so i guess i can't really say if he's really *mean* or not, but for some reason, the people i picture saying jesse was mean to them, are the little teenyboppers who are over-annoying in the first place.  but talk to the MATURE fans, and they'll probably tell you that jesse was nice.  and if he is 'mean' to you, there's probably a reason! so cut the kid a BREAK!

ok, i think i'm done..until then...LoL


ok, and i'm back with more.  a few days ago, i was reading the questions on jesse's official website, and i came across this~>

What do you think of the rumor (which from experience isn't true!) that you sometimes have an attitude?
Like I said is sad, but not much I can do about it.  It is usually started by one or two people and then it spreads like wildfire.  People mistake my reserved personality for an attitude.  But it isn't true!  I feel blessed to been given this chance and to have such great fans.

earlier, this was said~>

For example the rumor that I hate my fans and am a very mean person.  There may have been some isolated incidents where at a signing I may have been in a bad mood (you know.......up till 2AM after a concert and then waking up early to sign and then signing for hours on hours).  A couple of people get mad and start telling everyone on a message board and then all of the sudden it just isn't the two that experienced it, it is someone that says they know of someone who knows of someone, etc... and then it goes on and on and on.  I am not the phony friendly kind of guy and I am usually very quiet and not a big laugher, so sometimes people take that for rudeness and being mean.  If anyone got that impression, I apologize.  I love my fans and REALLY appreciate all their support and kind words!

wow.  i think this is SO sad.  he's so right by saying that rumors spread fast, becuz they really do.  one fan says 'aww, jesse was mean to me!' and then the other fans automatically think, 'wow, what a jerk!'. 

i think itz really sad that he knows that his own fans have been like this to him!  imagine how he must feel, knowing that people out there think he has attitude, and that he is mean?  i just can't begin to tell you how upsetting that would be..

and like he said, he IS up until 2am in the morning for a concert and stuff like that, and i know that the other guys are too, and they are still nice, but i just think jesse is a little like me-no tolerance.  LoL...he said, 'i am not the phony friendly kind of guy and i'm usually very quiet, and not a big laughter, so sometimes people take that for rudeness and being mean'.  at least he is being himself, and not living a lie. 

granted, i DO think that he should be nice to fans, and have patience and tolerance with people, but i think maybe that's just something he doesn't have.  and i can't hold who he is, against him.  at least he apologized, so we can all know that he didn't really 'mean' to hurt you feelings, if he came across that way. 

like he said- he LOVES his fans and REALLY appreciates all their support.....cut the kid a break! :D