HELP THE CAUSE: progeria

i don't know if many of you have even heard of progeria, but i think itz great that you clicked here to learn more. please read about this horrible disease, and also about ways you can help the kids that suffer from it. 

not much is known about progeria.  currently, only 40 cases  of it have been reported in the past year. and that's from all over the world.  progeria affects between 1 in 4 million children world wide, and just overa hundred cases have been reported in the century since it has been identified.  children from all countries and races from around the world have been affected. 

children with progeria only live to be an average of 13 years old.  those who suffer have the same mental growth as the children their age, but their bodies are completely different.  kids with progeria suffer from dwarfism, wrinkled/aged skin, baldness, and a pinched nose, just to name a few of their physical differences, then a child their age. 

kids with progeria, suffer from the same ailments that an 80 year old man would.  see, their bodies age about 8 times faster than a normal child, causing them to have the same respiratory, cardiovascular, and arthritic problems that an adult in their late 70's and above would suffer from. since this disease is so rare, not many studies, and little research has taken place to help find a cure. 

if you see these children with it, you'll notice something special about them.  they are all amazing.  i dont' know if you ever watch the talk show 'maury', but i was watching it one day, and this little boy named devin was on.  this was the first time i had ever heard of progeria, and not the last.  he was on the show about three more times, and after the first, i fell in love.  he was so amazing.  he was *so* incredibly happy, despite the fact that he was suffering from arthritis in his knees, and back.  imagine being 4, and already going through the hell and torture that this little boy endured. 

i am in the process of starting a charity.  currently, i am trying to get more and more people to help me get it rolling.  my idea, is that celebrities donate items to be auctioned off, and that money will go to the research of progeria.  we can't go through living our healthy lives, knowing that we CAN do something to help these children, and yet, not doing anything at all.  so if you would like to help me get this charity rolling, fill out the form on the side, with your information, and i will e-mail you as soon as possible. 

if you are not interested in helping with my charity, but are interested in donating money, then please go to the website below, and they will give you all the information you need.  thank you!

The Sunshine Foundation