SuRVeY: fill it out!

ok yay! since i finally figured out how to work my ghetto forms, i have a nifty little survey for you to fill out!!  how excited are you?! haha...actually, itz basically just up here for if you get bored,and need something to do.  i won't post em', just something to keep you busy, and eventually ME busy, when i need somethin' to read, and find em' in my mailbox :D  have fun!



who you be?
what's your e-mail addy?
where are you from?
if you have a website, put the addy there~> 
how old are you?
how long have you like dream street?
have you ever seen dream street in concert?
have you ever met dream street?
if so, are you going to send me pictures from either of these?'re great :D

DREAM STREET 1 (fill in the blanks)         

is your fave member of ds
has the sexiest voice
has the prettiest eyes
is the sweetest
is the biggest 'ladies man'
has the nicest booty
is the best dancer
is the most dedicated
is the funniest
dresses the nicest
is built the best
has the best hair
is the quietest
is who you can see going 
solo in 10 years


what is your fave ds song on the CD?
what is your fave ds song live?
where do you see dream street 10
years from now?
do you think ds will get as big as *NSYNC?
do you WANT ds to get as big as *NSYNC?
what ds song do you think has the best
which ds song do you think is the most
which ds song do you think has the best
if you could hang out with one guy from ds
for a whole day, which would it be, and


what do you think about idolized?
what do you HATE about idolized?
what is your fave part of my site?
when you read my *arrest me* page,
did you get the picture of +insert fave
ds guy here+ walking at you w/a pair
of handcuffs?
i knew it :D
do you think chris is a pimp?
do YOU think jesse is a hater?
do you think i'm mean for making fun of ds?
have you signed my guestbook?!
if not, are you going to?
awww..thanx :D
any other comments?!