TeeNieS: not fun

in case you don't know what a teeny is, they're the girls that literally freak out about a singer/group/artist/etc.  they're the one's that you see at dream street concert's with 'i love chris' written all over their face/arms/anywhere they can get marker to write.  the one's that you see wearing skimpy tank tops, and no bra, jumping up and down, thinking that jesse or matt will actually like it. the one's that scream in your ear while dream street is singing/talking.  and the one's that rip at dream street's clothes, scream in their ears as they the guys try to talk to them, and try to rip their arms off.  they're the one's that saw this picture~> 

and started screaming, 'OMG!!  OMG JESSE HAS BRACES!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!'

y'know, when i went to see dream street in cincinnati, ohio, they did a little signing thing after their concert, while they were filming parts of the movie.  so i went up to the front to try to get an autograph.  i was SMASHED against tons of other fans, and couldn't get out.  people had their arms and hands in MY face, trying to get chris to sign their tee-shirt.  they were screaming 'chris!!!' and later, when jesse came over, they were screaming 'jesse!!!' in my ears, over and over.   imagine my surprise when neither chris OR jesse responded...(i meant that sarcastically..)  it wasn't worth it to me to act like that to other people, just for their autographs, so i tried to get out.  i couldn't breath, and i was SO hot i felt light headed.  but those stupid girls behind me wouldn't let me out.  they were so concerned about screaming JESSE in my ear, and sticking their damn hands in my face, that i couldn't even get out.  it was absolutely insane.

if you were one of those girls, take this offensively, because you made me VERY mad.  imagine how overwhelming it is for dream street to have girls screaming their names left and right for a freaking autograph.  they didn't HAVE to sign your stupid shirt, but they were nice enough to do that for you, as annoying as you were being.  and yeah, i was probably the girl that grabbed your hand and said, 'get your hand out of my face' LoL...but these girls were ALL AROUND me, and made me *very* angry.

if you are a teenybopper, please, follow these guidelines, to be less annoying.

don't hurt dream street: they are our friends..love them...NICELY

don't write 'i love dream street' all over your face: itz really bad for your skin, and people will just look at you like your a freak.  dream street included. oh, and when you start crying becuz frankie looked at you, it'll all run down your face.

wear a bra for god's sake:  no one wants to see you flying all over the place like that...not even hornball greg!

don't scream during the songs: dream street is up there doing their best to put on a great show, and you have to freaking scream?!  itz one thing to sing along, yeah, i do that too, but standing next to someone who screams during the whole show is *really* annoying.  there's a MATURE way to have fun at a concert!

if dream street is talking, don't scream: that's rude.  listen to them, they probably have something good to say!

put your arm in my face, and scream chris over and over in my ear, and i will hurt you...

and possibly one of the most important things to keep in mind, is not only have respect for dream street, but for yourself and the people around you!

now don't get me wrong...i think everyone has a teenie moment at least ONCE in their lives...i'm not gonna lie..i get excited when i see dream street on tv, and when they came out on stage in cincy i screamed...(when they came out, NOT when they talked/sang)...and when i saw jesse on the emmy's, i said, 'awww! he's wearing a TUX!'....but come on...enough is enough!!