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This Page is not about the Rural Fire Services of New South Wales it is about an Army of Volunteers Men and Women who dedicate their lives to the Brigade and who show their true Bravery and Courage when called upon to save their Community and to assist wherever needed.

It is also dedicated to their families,friends and unknowns who do so much in the background in times of crisis to assist their Fire Fighters,whether it be some hard work or just a shoulder to cry on.

The Face Tells the Story

In late 1993 early 1994 some of the newer members of the Grays Point Brigade got their first taste of a real fire,and what a fire it turned out to be.
Sydney was alight surrounded by fire.

On the 8th January,1994 204 fires burned out of control over the State of New South Wales. Members weary from having been away fighting fires in other areas,and those who had been in the Royal National Park, Bundeena areas were to face Hell.
How will we ever forget that Saturday of January the 8th the call came to respond to Como,Jannali, Bonnet Bay area.They went they fought in this war like area and they won,112 homes were lost in the area but a greater majority were saved, unfortunately a Mother died while trying to protect her children.
They faced Hell and they returned.
This is what the spirt of the Rural Fire Services of New South Wales is about.
We have cried we have laughed a lot since then, but worse was to come for Station 26.
In December 1997 Fire would once again strike the Menai area 10 homes were lost.For Grays Point the greatest loss was yet to come, when one of their members 20 year old Peter Estcourt died on Sunday the 7th December,after being in the field.The desperate actions of his mates could not save him, but he died with his mates and doing what made him happy. The Grays Point Station has a lot of young members but all members who have been there for a short time or many years have shown their true determination, strength, realiability and courage to face what is dealt out to them and for this they are admired greatly.
They are led by Wayne Roberts...Captain and Darren Roberts...Senior Deputy Captain.

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