Welcome To Mav's Page

About Me:
Hi there guys and thanks for visiting my page! I know it's nothing spectacular, but hey this is my first one really so cut me some slack ok! Well, for you who don't know.. My name is James, but most know me as DSL_Maverick, or just Mav. I'm from Houston, although I'm in my final year at Texas A&M!! Woo Hoo Gig Em Ags!! Well anyways, I enjoy doing alot of things including whoopin butt in spades, playing football, drinking hanging out with my buds, talking to Jas... But more than anything I love to play the piano and sing. It is my passion! I hope someday to be a country music singer... So pray for me ok! I am 22, 6'4 185 lbs, ummm, have brown hair and green eyes... Nothing really more to tell So on with the page!!

Tribute to Cammy
As some of you may know I recently lost my baby, She was a 1969 Camaro RS/SS My Baby with a capitol B. Well, Not too long ago I was in a wreck and now she's gone. This Is what she used to look like :_(

My New Girl
Well not to say I've replaced Cammy, It could never happen.. She was my pride and joy, and I'll always remember that car.. But sometimes you gotta move on, So here she is Cammy's lil sister..

Well, A lil more about me, Like I said I love spades.. I'm a very active member on the Distinguished Spades League Ladder...Through Cases. We play spades on Hardwood Spades right now, and we all have a blast. You should check us out sometime, never know ya might learn a new fun game, and meet a bunch of new friends!!