Thomas's Exploring Creation with Chemistry Quiz

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. Identify a Homogeneous Mixture

A mixture whose composition is always the same no matter what part of the sample you are observing.
A mixture whose composition is diffrent depending on what part of the sample that you are observing.

Identify a Chemical Change

A change in which the atoms or molecules in a substance stay the same
A change which affects the type of molecules or atoms in a substance
Identify a schiemotric coeifficnet

The number following any individual atom in a chemical formula
The number before any atom in a chemical formula
A number thingy
Who cares?

4. The game ever to contain graphics was this classic by Roberta Williams.

King's Quest
Mystery House
Time Zone
Mission: Asteriod

5. The first real-time strategy game was:

WarCraft: Orcs & Humans
Command & Conquer
Dune 2

6. In PC Gamer, Quake won these 'of-the-year' awards (1996):

Best Game, Best Action Game
Best Action Game, Best Multiplayer
Best Sound Effects, Best Multiplayer
All of the above

7. The best selling game of all time is:

WarCraft 2
C&C: Red Alert
Sim City
King's Quest 5

8. This is a turn-based strategy game:

C&C: Red Alert
Might and Magic 3
Heroes of Might and Magic
Daggerfall: The Elder Scrolls

9. PC Gamer's Best Game of the 1996 went to:

C&C: Red Alert
Tomb Raider
Civilization 2

10. Blizzard's new release, Diablo is a:

Role Playing Game
2D Action Game
3D Action Game