hi.. im shiara, im 23 and live in miami fl..

only for me to know.. ; )

Projector lights
Rancho springs 2" drop
Allessio 18" rims
225/40/R18 Venus tires

Boost gauge
Shift light
CK sports pedals
Matrix shift knob
Sony xplod
(2) 10" piponeer spks.
750 PPI pioneer amp.

Shout outs
I would like to thank my parents, brothers, sister, and my husband, David, for all the encouragement, advice, and support they gave me while i built my car. I would also like to thank God, he knows how many crashes he has saved me from.

About Me
I started liking cars at age 13 and by 14 my dad taught me how to drive a lunchtruck, my first car! At 15, he taught me how to drive stick shift and I've been racing ever since. I love cars and I learn something about them everyday. I'm always thinking of what to do to my car next. I love speed and the thrill it gives me. I hope to continue fixing up cars, keep racing, and prove that "girls are just as good!"
my car
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My Info:
Name: dsm_chik
Email: dsm_chik@yahoo.com