Martin County, NC Deed Book B, page 13
Joshua Hardison, Sr. to James Hardison and Frederick Hardison, sons of
Richard Hardison,(dec.). 3 Jul 1787. 20 pounds, 100 acres on south
side of Hardison's Mill Swamp, the dividing line of Joshua Hardison and
Rosannah Hardison, then west to mouth of High Hill Branch to the
dividing line between Archibald Simpson and said Hardison, then to the
first station. Rebecca Hardison, relic of Richard Hardison,(dec.) is to
have her thirds the same as if her husband had made this deed. Joshua
Hardison, (seal). Wits: Thomas Brown, Jame Hood, John Gardner
Martin County, NC Deed Book C, page 257
State #406 to Richard Hardison. 120 acres in the fork of Hasses Creek
including the plantation where Richard Hardison now lives, beginning
Johnston's corner, thence to Ross Creek, then to Brownings line and to
the beginning. 27 Nov. 1793
Martin County Deed Book C, Page 258
State #361 to John Kennedy. 300 acres beginning Absolam Woolard corner,
thence to the Cypress Swamp and to Harris Pocosin and various courses to
the beginning. 16 Nov. 1790. Richard Hardison shall cause this grant to
be registered within 12 months from the date here of.
Martin County Deed Book G page 252        1821
Wiggins Hardison sold to Sarah Winburn 1/7 part of negro named Demus, all right and title, that his mother Marthy, wife of John, had since the death of his father.
This is a most interesting deed. It proves John Hardison had a wife named Marthy(I believe to be Martha Moore Hardison).  It also proves John and Marthy Hardison had a son named Wiggins Hardison and a daughter named Sarah. Sarah was married to Henry Winburn and eventually migrated to Tenn.
Martin County Deed Book O page 494.  1850
Indenture between Wiggins Hardison and MA Jones.  Wiggins is fully indebted to Jones in the sum of 332 dollars from a note on track of land lying in the state adjoining the lands of Joseph Williams and James Hardison on Laurel Pocosain containing 50 acres and one tract of land adjoining Durham and Hodge Hardison containing 50 acres.