Poplar Branch Cemetery

This cemetery is located on NC Highway 171 in Jamesville, NC. It is on the 640-acre tract that Jasper Hardison was granted from England in 1727. Jasper Hardison's eldest son, John Hardison inherited this tract per the will of Jasper Hardison. The will of Jasper Hardison is located at NC State Archives and is dated 1733.

The cemetery is a short distance from the main road. A hike through the woods is necessary. There is an old cart path that runs near the cemetary. The path resembles an old creek bed. This road was the main road in the 1700's and 1800's. Poplar Branch is mentioned in many old Martin County Deeds. The very early deeds refer to it as Beaver Dam Branch. The early deeds refer to the cart path as Chappel Road.

Please contact me if you would like to visit it.

1. Polly Ann wife of J.T. Gardner. Born August 1, 1852. Died December 30, 1903.

2. J.J. Barnes. Born August 14, 1879. Died November 24, 1922.

3. Julia A. wife of J.D. Hardison. Born October 8, 1857. Died June 19, 1915.

4. Durham Hardison. died July 27, 1897. Age 73 years.

5. Magaret wife of Durham Hardison. Born October 11, 1835. Died May 2, 1925.

6. Margaret Freeman Waters. 1807-1880.

7. Bettie Virginia Godard. Wife of Fred L. Callaway. September 16, 1888. Died July 19, 1928.


Lucy and Ander Hardison Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the family farm of my grandparents, Lucy and Ander Hardison. The farm is located on Fairview Church Road in Jamesville, NC.

1. Martha Ann Perry. Died 1897. Age 75. Rest in Peace.

2. Simon D. Perry. Died 1903. Age 77. Rest in Peace.

3. John Merrill. Son of John and Claudia Manning. Born Sept. 15, 1915 and died May 17, 1917. From mothers arms to the arms of Jesus.

4. Claudia G. Manning. Wife of John E. Manning.Born October 7, 1884. Died January 7, 1937. Tender mother and faithful friend.

5. John Edwin Manning. Born June 26, 1884. Died December 10, 1958.

6. Polly Lucille Hardison. Born February 12, 1937. Died June 24, 1948. Gone But Not Forgotten.

7. Lucy Perry Hardison. Born November 7, 1898. Died November 12, 1985.

8. At Rest. Joseph Leander Hardison. Born August 18, 1895. Died September 7, 1956.

9. Mary E. Beasley. Wife of Joseph A. Hardison. Born April 14, 1851. Died September 10, 1917. Asleep in the arms of Jesus.

10. Woodmen of the World Memorial. Joseph A. Hardison. Born August 20, 1857. Died December 1, 1915.

11. John Wilma Hardison. Born June 07, 1893 died February 19, 1919(unmarked grave) Died in the 1918-1919 Flu Epidemic.