Will of John Perry - 1789
Will Bk. 1, Pg. 153 & 154
Clerk of Court, Martin Co., N.C.
(transcribed Jan 2001 by Robert Mack Stalls)

In the Name of God Amen I John
Perry being very Sick and infirm in body but of perfect mind &
memory thanks be to Almighty God therefore calling to mind the Mortality
of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die I do
make & ordain this my last Will & Testament first of all I Give and
Recommend my soul to the hand of God who gave it and my body to
the Earth to be buried in A desent Christian Manner at the discretion of
my Executors } Item I give and bequeath unto my Well beloved wife
Sarah Perry my home plantation induring her life time
Stock of every kind as long as she lives and all my working Tools of
Every Sort as long as she lives
#Item I give unto my son Noah Perry the land and plantation where
on I now do live
#Item I Give unto my son Jacob Perry the land that I purchased
of John Harrifson
#Item I Give unto my Son William Perry the Land I purchased of John
Stancell {Item I give the Remainder of my lands to be Equally amongst
my sons Jacob Perry William Perry and Noah Perry -
#Item I give unto my wife Sarah Perry my three oldest Negroes and a
Negro boy Jim as long as she live or widow hood
#Item I Give a negro Girl Rach unto my Grandaughter Bitce Griffin -
Item I Give unto my Daughter Bethany Smithwick A Negro Girl Dinah
Item I Give my three small Negroes Jirimas Dick & Jone to be Equally divided
between my four Daughters Selah Perry Mary Perry Nancey Perry & Salla
Perry and I Give my three Old Negroes to be Equally divided after the death of my
Wife among my four Daughters that is now Single and I give my Negro boy
Jim after the death of my wife unto my Son Noah Perry Item I give unto
my wife Sarah Perry all my houshold goods as long as she lives and then
to be Equally Amongst all my Daughters that is now living Item I give after
the Death of my wife all my tools to be Equally divided amongst my three Sons
and I do appoint and ordain for my executors Hardy Stallings and my wife
Sarah Perry { In witnefs where of I have Set my Hand & Seal this 27th day of
November 1789 { Signed Sealed and
delivered in the presense of us John Perry & A Seal
John Robason

Hepsabeth H Stallings

Martin County Dist. Court 1789 This the aforegoing Instrument of
Writing was proved in Open Court by the Oath of John Robason A Witness thereto
to be the last Will & Testament of John Perry decd. on Mo ordered Registered

Test Thos Hunter CC.s