Here is the Stars complete free agent list-

Jeff Bateman (UFA)
Andy Berenzweig (VI)
Valeri Bure (UFA)
Shayne Corson (III)
Justin Cox (UFA)
Aaron Downey (UFA)
Brett Draney (UFA)
John Erskine (II)
Barrett Heisten (UFA)
Dan Jancevski (II)
Marc Kristoffersson (VI)
Jeff MacMillan (VI)
Richard Matvichuk (III)
Gavin Morgan (VI)
Teppo Numminen (III)
David Oliver (III)
Lubomir Sekeras (UFA)
Michael Sgroi (UFA)
Mike Siklenka (II)
Jarrod Skalde (UFA)
Blake Sloan (UFA)
Jaroslav Svoboda (II)
Chris Therien (III)
Mathias Tjarnqvist (II)
Ron Tugnutt (III)
Rob Valicevic (UFA)
Mark Wotton (VI)
Scott Young (III)

Group III -- The players marked (III) have qualified for Group III Free Agency (age 31 or older with at least four years of NHL experience) and are unrestricted Free Agents.

Potential Group V -- The players marked * (i) have completed 10 pro seasons or more (NHL or Minors, excluding Junior hockey), and (ii) in the 2003-2004 season earned less than the League average salary of $1,830,126 and (iii) received a timely qualifying offer.

These players have the right to elect once in their careers to become unrestricted Free Agents. Should one of these players not elect to become an unrestricted Free Agent, since his prior club has tendered him a qualifying offer he shall remain subject to draft choice compensation and right to match as applies to Group II Free Agents. The players listed below have until July 15, 2004 to elect Group V status.

Group VI -- The players marked (VI) qualify for unrestricted free agency, having met the requirements for Group VI free agency. These players, whose contracts have expired, are age 25 or older, have completed three or more professional seasons, and (i) in the case of a player other than a goaltender have played fewer than 80 NHL games (regular-season and playoff), or (ii) in the case of a goaltender have played fewer than 28 NHL games (regular-season and playoff).

Unrestricted Free Agents -- The players marked (UFA) were not tendered a qualifying offer and are therefore unrestricted Free Agents not subject to a right to match or draft choice compensation.

+ Players eligible to elect Group V Free Agency who did not receive a qualifying offer.

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