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High and Low
Ambient Sound 01: Call It
Just Say It
The Ruse
My first fic. “We’re here to use our brains to catch killers, not to bait them with our bodies!” GSR- Post Strip-Strangler.6/3/03
Meant to be a series- who knows if I'll ever actually do it! Calling it might be harder than anticipated. GSR-UST Song Fic (for John Mayer's Love Soon) 6/8/03
Why Gil loves Sara. Grissom POV *sequel to Allure* 7/8/03
Why Sara loves Gil. Sara POV 7/5/03
Written for LSI's Second Short Story Challenge! Sara, Grissom, and a dead body in a wax museum on Halloween 10/30/03
Ruse: A wily subterfuge. Synonym: see TRICK; Post-PWF; G/S 7/31/03
GSR- "You know how you were saying that you wanted to do something unorthodox? Something a little different?" -Sara 10/2/03
Works in Progress
Innocence and Beauty and the IandB Companions
Grissom got burned, badly... and it was a long time ago. Here's my take- WIP(so far 37 of ?)- Will eventually be GSR... spoilers for all seasons...
Wide As The Ocean Is
"Gil, we deal with bugs and death... most of us are workaholics. Have you ever tried to take a vacation? You get a day, tops, before they're paging you back to the office. This way, short of sending a helicopter, we can all get some R and R!" WIP (so far 11 of?)
Billy Joel Trilogy
Post-Butterflied Fics based on lyrics from Billy Joel's "Greatest Hits Vol. III" Includes: "An Innocent Woman," "A Shameless Man," and "It Has Always Been" 
Written off of a "plot bunny" by Moo on the CSI-Grissom and Sara list.
"She has no idea what could have happened to her..." Sara's unspoken words, '...what happened to me,' hanging thick in the air. 7/6/04
**Updates and pagework on 12/10/06!**
Post-Bloodlines- GSR - I thought maybe if I figured that out, our situation wouldn't be half as hard anymore.
Lady Fingers
Stand alone Vignette
Gris loves bugs, and he loves Sara - 9/13/04