Credits, Contacts, and Thank You's!
First off, there are a lot of thank you's I need to say! Thanks to Rosa for being the best cheerleader ever! Thanks to Marlou and Kelly for being amazing beta readers!  Even more so, let me thank Melissa and Kristen- my two best friends who have always been ther for me. (esp. since Melissa was the first to introduce me to fan fic all those years ago!) And, of course, thanks to all of my creative lists and all of my readers for the feedback and encouragement!
Most of all, there are two people who've been featured on this site that deserve my thanks and your feedback! Xant and Ash!
Ash has wonderfully agreed to help me with artwork for my site! She's created too many wonderful pieces for me to count so far and has been incredibly patient with my perfectionist attitude! She's incredibly talented and  deserves all the thanks in the world that I can give her. Drop her a line and let her know how much you enjoy her pieces!
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Xant is an incredibly talented video maker, and has just started writing her own fic (along with Ash!) She was the only one to respond to my CSI-meets Doris Day video challenge, and we're working on a top secret multi-media project with ash! Shh! So stop by Xant's site and drop her a line. Make sure to check out all of her fic and videos!
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