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Posted BySoldier-DS
Finally we have the warcraft 3 ranking sytsem you can check that out to the right side link. We also have a start of a Clan Charter, and Channel Content links, All very good news for the rebuilding. Sunday Night East Realm is having a meeting at 8 30 in our channel, I ask all members to attend. Within a week we should have all ranks assigned to the Warcraft 3 players. Recruit!

Posted BySoldier-DS
Adding and taking off some rules made a channel content link this will include channel info mods and rules for the channel. Im still waiting on Bam-DS to finish the warcraft 3 ranking system. All members please recruit as much as possible.

Posted BySoldier-DS
Tonight at meeting we decided on most of the High Council Members, we also need to start recruiting again for Diablo 2 it got really thing lately dropping about 15 guys (yea that many) Everyone get out there and recruit at least one active player. Warcraft 3 Ranking system should be completed tomorrow after school, the link is up check it out tomorrow. And for everyone in the High Council read your jobs and all other people also read everyones duties so you go to the wrong person with a problem.

Posted BySoldier-DS
Update Bam-DS is taking full time charge of the Warcraft 3 Section
   + warcraft 3 updates.Ranking system complete people personnally I think this is one of the best ranking system a mind can think of. All current members please look over and post on the East forum a job you would like to hold I will take this into consideration when giving ranks out tonight (excluding clan overlord) Make sure before you choose your rank you might be given to read about it and think of the responsibilites you are given if you do a crappy job carrying out your job you will be removed from it. More updates later tonight and tomorrow.

Posted BySoldier-DS
The East Relm and Warcraft 3 Sections need to be reconstructed, We need new members,ranking system and any ideas that you might have. I ask all current members to recruit, and hope for the best. Thanks for your help.