DarkSouls Clan Charter

Article I

Clan Membership
Membership in the DarkSouls is obtained by sending in an application from website, or contacting the Recruitment Officer.

Article II
Activity in Clan
Activity in the clan is very important and it is judged by how much a member uses the forums or plays the game. It is required you at least post on the forum once a week, and log on your Battle.net account once a week (if possible). If you are deemed by the High Council to be inactive you are removed from the members list. To be reactivated you must present your reason to a member of the High Council and they will decide if you should be reactivated.

Article III
The Only tax that is legal to have is a gold tax. This means that the treasurer can not collect items if they are not given to it, the treasurer can only collect gold in the given amount. The Treasurer is the one in the clan who issues taxes and tells how frequently they must be paid. All taxes must be approved by the Councils Overlord.

Article IV
Expulsion from Clan
The be expelled from the DarkSouls a member would have to break a rule more than once and be proven to be a negative influence on the Clan. A court would be held with the accused person and the person who brought this complaint and any witnesses they might have. After the court the High Council and the Overlord would have a private meeting to discuss the case.

Approved By Council Overlord