Asyat was in no mood to fool around; and she let the other Candidates know that with a scowl when a few of them asked her if she wanted to sneak out of the Weyr to go fishing or something.  It was mostly a few boys, but one of the more daring girls was there as well. 
  "C'mon Asyat!"  The girl wailed, and punhced Asyat's shoulder affectionately.  "The eggs won't hatch today, I'd be surprised if they ever hatched at all!  Wouldn't you like to go off?  Xalia wouldn't even mind if she knew..."
  "Then why don't you tell her?"  Asyat asked sweetly, and shook her head.  "I don't feel like going.  I've got things to do."
  "It's a day off Asy, no one has things to do!"
  "I do."  Asyat said, and to prove her point she laid back and stretched out on her cot.  Someone muttered to themselves, and someone else giggles, but Asyat just ignored them.  How could she leave when the eggs could hatch at any time?
  But how could she face the eggs and not be frightened enough to repel the hatchlings inside?

A little while later....
  It turned out no one went anywhere that day, for a few minutes after Asyat refused to go fishing, the announcement came that the eggs were finally hatching.
  Asyat pulled on her white robe and darted out to the sands.  Candidates and viewers alike were streaming in from all sides; and the excited atmosphere caught on to Asyat, and she didn't have time to be afraid.
  Her eyes were drawn to the one rocking egg, and she watching in wonder as a small blue tumbled onto the hot sand.  Asyat wrinkled her toes up, and continued to watch the confused blue until someone, a young man, jumped onto the sands and Impressed him.
Who is that? Asyat wondered, as she watched the two together.  She felt no emotion, as she thought she would, and was disappointed at that.  Shouldn't she be tearing at the sight like some of the other girls?  Ah well, can't show what I don't feel! Asyat thought humorously, and turned back to watch the other eggs.
  A green hatched next, and Impressed to a boy.  Asyat laughed with everyone else when the new rider proclaimed his dragon's name to be Nouryokushokuth.  Then another green hatched, her name long as well, and she chose Aliza.  Asyat felt nothing for the green that hatched, and what did that mean?  Shouldn't she feel a desire to Impress the female?
  A little fiery green stamped about the sands, and Asyat tried to push feelings of want and aceptance towards the creature; but Asyat didn't feel these things, and the green didn't even look her way.  The hatchlings chose another girl, and Asyat stood there in a half daze as two more eggs hatched.  A brown, who helped hatched his white sister.  The pair made for Urion and Werita, never looking back.
  It was then the little gold eggs began to rock, and despite her promise not to want the queen, Asyat's stomach lurched.  She had a feeling this was the real test, this little gold would make or break the day for Asyat.  There was no doubt in the girl's mind this egg that was the cause of much speculation was gold.  Something seemed right that this creature would be a queen.
  Asyat took a step forward, wary of the white Esonieth who layed near the egg.  The dam hissed at the approaching girls, and quickly sheltered her prize eggs witha  white wing.  Asyat stood back in disappointment, and it seemed a long time before Esonieth lifted her wing to reveal a beautiful, tiny,
perfect little gold.  Asyat swallowed hard, and try as she could she couldn't make herself feel proud or strong as she was told to do for the golds. 
  Esonieth nudged her daughter towards the girls, and Asyat shivered as the little queen drifted over the sands, and looked at each girl critically before moving on.
Oh please, don't let her pass me. Asyat thought, although she had no thoughts for what would happen if the little gold chose her.  But then, as Asyat watched not believing it, the little golden head turned towards her, and with a grunt the newly hatched queen glided over.
Oh, Asyat gasped.  Does she want, can she
And then the little gold was there, and Asyat dizzy from the words that the dragonet spoke in her mind.
We can prevail together without pushy males, Asyat. We can protect the world against a common enemy. But it's still your decision. I am Alcyoneth. Am I okay enough?
Asyat's heart lept, and she kneeled beside her little hatchling, nodding.  She stared into Alcyoneth's beautiful rainbowed eyes, and couldn't seem to grasp the reality of what was happening to her.  The crowd cheered somewhere in another world, and Asyat only reached out to touch Alcyoneth for the first time.  The hatchlings skin was like velvet to Asyat, and it was then Asyat realized her little Alcyoneth was nothing like she was told a queen would be.  Alcyoneth was not arrogant, or aggressive, and she was obvioulsy not attracted to that type either.
  "How?"  Asyat whispered, holding her dragonet tighter, and Alcyoneth warbled affectionately.
I wanted you Asyat.  I don't know how, only that it is right.  But, if you don't mind, I am hungry.  Can you take me to eat now?
  "Of course!"  Asyat exclaimed, and stood up.  She didn't want to let go of Alcyoneth, but she wouldn't starve her new lifemate either.

Asyat led her new Alcyoneth from the sands; and the crowd cheered again at another Impression.