Asyat's Stats
Name-Asyat Shelinoa
Rank-Holder's daughter
Father- Similaron, Holder of Shelinoa Hold
Mother- Iatrina (deceased)
Siblings (oldest to youngest)
   brother- Simin, 26
   brother- Samlnir, 23
   sister- Larina, 22
   brother- Mitael, 20
            Asyat, 17
   sister- Iamara, 15
   brother- Aronn, 13
   brother- Triron, 8
Weight-134 lbs
Build- muscular, more towards the 'heavyily built' side, but still remains slender.
Hair Color-dark brown
Eye Color-dark brown
General- Asyat was considered the 'beauty' of her family until her younger sister, Iamara, was born.  The rest of her family is very plain, so Asyat's romantic appearence would be considered beautiful by them. 
Best Trait- She is intelligant and determined.  Asyat doesn't let anything stand in her way.  She can be bullheaded at times, but she always manages to get herself out of any sticky situations.
Worst Trait- Usually it's the same as her best.  Asyat will rush headfirst into things without thinking them over, and often doesn't consider what effect her actions will have on others.
General- Asyat's father, Similaron, raised all his children to emerse themselves in "projects" to keep themselves entertained and thinking.  All of the children have this trait of finding causes to keep them occupied.  Living in Shelinoa Hold, which is extremely out of the way, this is the only thing that keeps any of them from going mad with boredom. 
Asyat is no different from her siblings in this respect.
She finds helping humanity in general the most rewarding, and desires a Harper's life to do just that.
Pets- fire-lizard, bronze Laer