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Asyat giggled as her golden Alcyoneth once again tried to fly directly out of the water, and instead fell back down in a heaping, thrashing pile of bubbles and alarmed trumpets.
  It was a quiet day, with Asyat having been excused from morning lessons to take part in the task which was quickly growing to an enormous job: bathing her dragon.  It was only because Alcyoneth was a queen though, and therefore her rider was more privleged than other riders, that it was even allowed the girl should miss her lessons.
  "For fardling sakes Ally, just crawl out!"  Alcyoneth laughed as the young queen failed one more attempt to use her water logged wings.
It wouldn't prove anything. Alyconeth replied, not arrogantly, but just statinng the fact.  Asyat rolled her eyes
  "I know that sweety, but you're not proving anything flopping about in there like a fish on the river bank either!"
I know. Alcyoneth replied, in her half-agreeable, half-evasive way.  Asyat was often led to believe the quiet, gentle, gold was hiding something from her whenever she spoke.  When asked, Alcyoneth would only reply she didn't want to be mean, not like those others!  Asyat knew her gold meant the other queens....who all seemed bossy surely, arrogant usually, and always more assertive and controlling than any of the other colors.  Asyat hadn't expected herself to Impress a queen for just that reason.  How could a "sweet" girl like Asyat ever be in league with an aggressive monster?  Luckily Alcyoneth had been perfect from birth; destined to be with Asyat, for their personalities fit perfectly.  Asyat felt Alcyoneth would have been wasted on anyone else.  No one could appreciate just how wonderful the quiet, shy, queen could be.
When are we going to the feeding pens? Alcyoneth intruded quietly, and Asyat sighed, watching her dragon crawl out of the lake.
  "I suppose this evening, after our lessons and chores."  Asyat replied, hiding a gentle smile at how akward Alcyoneth looked as she dragged herself up out of the wetness and sprawled on the ground to dry.
Oh. Alcyoneth said, and heaved a large sigh.  The force of her breath blew several large twigs and dry leaves a few meters in all directions.  Despite being the gentlest of golds, Alcyoneth was growing quite large. 
But perfect. Asyat thought subjectively.  Everyone says she's beautifully proportioned, and the color of her hide is so lovely....
Thank you. Alcyoneth said, out of politeness more than actual gratitude.  She didn't realize Asyat wasn't trying to converse with her on the subject.
  "It's what everyone says Ally.  You should be proud.  You look good, and you should let everyone know you know it!"  Asyat was only joking with her queen, knowing that Alcyoneth was in no way proud, other than the usual amount of pride a dragon carried.  Alcyoneth herself was more like the easy going browns of the Weyr than any other color.
But why do I care? The young gold asked, and rolled over on her back, soaking up the sun through her belly. I'd much rather be valued for other things.
  "Such as?"  Asyat asked, walking up to her queen, trying to reach and scratch Alcyoneth's eyeridges, which she knew itched, without getting too wet.
I wish I could flame. Alcyoneth said, and "hummph-ed".  What dragon can't flame?  A useless one, that's what.  What good do a few women with flamethrowers do against the Threads? And Asyat was left puzzled over why her dragoness didn't seem to think being a non-flaming, breeding, queen was better than being a flaming fighter.