I don't like her. Olith snorted as he watched the black female pass.  I don't like how big she is. 
  "Well," A'mery laughed, "Which is it, you don't like her, or her size?  And, what's the matter with her size?  She's the same size as you.  The queen's already bigger, and you don't mind her size."
I know that. Olith said, and ducked his head guiltily.  But queen's are supposed to be big.
   "Well,"  A'mery drawled, "So it she.  Honestly now, why does it bother you?"
I don't know.  Olith said, sighing the dragon equivilant to a pout. Maybe it's not her size.  Maybe....Maybe it's her eyes.
   "Her eyes?"  A'mery raised an eyebrown skeptically.  Wasn't Olith too young for this?  He was only half the size of the other browns right now.  He had at least another turn to go before he was even capable of entering a mating flight. 
No. Olith said decisively.  Not her eyes, just her.  I like her.
  "I thought you said you hated her."  A'mery smiled as he tied another knot in the rope. 
No.  I changed my mind. And Olith crooned that he was hungry again.