A'mery sighed as he watched yet another girl walk away for S'valen.  Lately, whether it was Oliths' influence or not, he'd found himself desiring a member of the opposite sex for companionship.  He'd never been comfortable around girls, and now that the object of his attention wasn't really a girl, but a woman, A'mery was completely at a loss.  He just didn't know what to say.
  Olith found an easier time with the ladies, and often spent whole days lounging about, making fun with the greens.  Olith rather liked greens, he said he liked their size, but A'mery knew it was only because greens were so quick to nuzzle the sensitive browns.  Females liked sensitivity in a male, or so A'mery had always assumed.
  He thought of himself as very sensitive, and at twenty, he thought of himself as somewhat handsome too.  But his old friend, S'valen, with all his lack of intuition and feminine natures, and with his daredevil, completely flirtacious attitude, found himself surrounded by women where A'mery had none.
Why do you care? Olith asked.  You never did before, is there someone you're trying to make jealous? Olith rumbled with foul feelings at the thought, and warned his rider against that.
No. A'mery said, but I feel rather lonely sometimes.  Perhaps I was really meant to Impress a green....several blue riders have approached me on a more romantic level.
Ha. Olith snorted, you're not suited for them.  In fact, I know just how to help you! And Olith crooned again, and A'mery could physically hear him up on the heights, instead of just the mental sound he'd picked up before.  I will enter a flight, and the rider of the one that I catch will attach herself to you, if only for a little while.  Maybe she'll help you find someone if not.  But rest assured, females in that situation will only want the best for you.
  "The one you catch?"  A'mery asked aloud, and looked around his weyr sheepishly.  He still wasn't used to speaking to thin air, and always felt silly when he did it.
Well you don't think I'd want a snooty gold do you?  I think not.  In fact, I have decided, that I will not chase green at all...but rather a beautiful white. A'mery snorted.
White?  Think of the prestige involved when a brown catches a gold!  Why, it'd prove how worthy of a brown you truly are.  And then all the greens and whites would want you.
They already do. Olith insisted, and besides, what does it matter others know how worthy I am?  You think I'm worthy, that's all that matters. A'mery heard Olith's mental humming then, and knew his brown was deep in thought.  It was a few minutes before Olith sought out his rider again and announced the object of his 'great plan'.
I will chase Repanseth.  She is very beautiful, and very smart.  You will like her rider too I think.....and it is no loss if you don't win, for they are rising at Falas, and you won't have to stay if we loose. Olith paused.  Not that we'll loose of course, not that I could possibly loose.  I think I can make Repanseth like me too much to let me fail at catching her.  Olith wanted praise for his good planning, and A'mery, who didn't want to disappoint his dragon, only agree to everything.
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