Very Penguin

Just a bat who loves computers. I call myself the bat because I often do my favorite programming or computer stuff at night, when it's dark and no sound except the very small sound of my favorite music: classic.

Besides my family and friends, I love the Internet community and do owe this community a lot, not only in computer knowledge but also in social ideas.

My main profession is a C/C++ programmer, and my hobby is a network administrator.
I could even got certifications of MCNE from Novell (1996) , MCSE from Microsoft (1998) and SCSA of Solaris 8 from Sun Microsystems ( 2000 ). Don't laugh at me. Let me continue. In my opinion, certification paper is nothing. The important is the real experience. The reason I took those certifications is that I must review all the topics more carefully and structurally.

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