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           It is composed of an analysis of my achievements and a profile of the pigeons. Creating this site I also would like to contribute to the development of the pigeons sports hobby in Bulgaria.

          I was born in 1974 and I live in Plovdiv. The first pigeons I took care for were given tome as a present by my grandfather when I was 8. These were high-flying pigeons that I bred and raised till 1999. In 2000 I obtained my first racing carrier pigeons and they turned to be my new competitive passion. In 2001 I joined the “Drujba” sports pigeons club in Plovdiv that numbers 40 members with a total of 4500 birds. My pigeons participate in 100 to 700 km races and straight from their first racing season they gave proof of their incredible qualities and brought to me many awards and sports pleasure. I am fond of middle-sized birds, well balanced in temper and keen on winning. I select my pigeons staking on their performance, and what I value most is the excellent presentment in hard races, races with a contrary wind and weather anomalies; races in which greater part of the birds slow up and only a few of them manifest strength in temper and in body to fly back and win. Most important to me is when winners pass on to their generation the same competitive qualities and punch for winning.