Referral Predictions!

(will there be a prize? Maybe this will be our referral photo page eventually?)

Terry W. - Referrals received the end of April 2003 & Travel to China early to mid June 2003.
Linda M. - Referrals received the first week of April & Travel last week of May 2003.
Melissa - Referrals received the end of March & Traveling the middle of May 2003.
Wendy - Referrals received the end of June & Traveling in July.
Melanie - Referrals received late June & Travel first of August (nice & hot).
Amy - Referrals received August 27th (please, let me be WAY late) & Travel October 1st.
Becky - Referrals received in late February & Travel in late April.
Meredith - Referrals received May 10th & Travel June.
Allison - Referrals received the last week in March & Travel time the 1st week of May.
Donna - Referrals received late-May & Travel in July.
Bart & Emily - Referral in mid July & Travel in Early September.
Stacey - Referral on May 14th & Travel in late June.
Anne-Margrethe & Bjorge - Referral in August & travel in October.
Jodi - Referrals in mid May & travel the first week of July
Linda S. - Referral in Sept & Traveling in Oct.
Karen D. - Referral April 21st & Travel in late May/early June.
Laura N - Referrals late July and travel sometime in September.
Michele W. - Referral mid June & travel in late July.
Patty - Referral late May & travel early July.
Lisa - Referral sometime in April & travel mid May.
Deb O. - Referals in Feburary & travel in May.
Carolyn - Referral sometime in April.
Kathy K. - Referral in May, travel early July, for a baby born in September.