**Party Bib**
J. & P. Coats "Knit-Cro-Sheen" Mettalic, Art. A.64: 3 balls of M. 10-A Canary Yellow

Steel Crochet Hook N0. 6

3/4 yard of yellow satin ribbon 1/4 inch wide
1-inch squares of yellow, blue and pink satin

Starting at lower edge, make a chain to measure 9 inches. 
1st row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across until row measures 8 inches.  Cut off remaining chain.  Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: Sc in each sc across.  Ch 1 turn.  Repeat 2nd row until piece measures 8- 1/4 inches.

To Shape Neck: With a pin, mark center of row.  1st row: SC in each sc accross to within 1-1/2 inches from pin marker.  Ch 1 turn.  2nd row: Dec 1 sc---to dec 1 sc, work off 2 sc as 1 sc--sc in each sc across.  Ch 1, turn.  3rd row: Sc in each sc across.  Ch 1 turn.  Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows alternately until piece measures 1-1/4 inches from first row of neck shaping.  Work without decreasing for 1-1/2 inches.  Break off.  Attach thread 1-1/2 inches beyond pin marker on last row before neck shaping and work other side ot correspond.

EDGING....1st rnd: Sc closely around all outer edges. 2nd rnd: Sc in nect sc, *ch 3, sc in last sc made (picot), skip 1 sc, sc in next 2 sc. Repeat from * around.  Break off.
     Press through a damp cloth.  Fold shoulder edges in to measure 1 inch and tack. Cut ribbon in half and sew in place at center of shoulders.  If desired, cut 3 small hearts of satin and applique on bib, using buttonhole stitch.
This pattern came from Coats & Clark Baby Book -- Book NO. 510.  I have checked for Copyrights on the gov. web page and could not find any.  If you find this information incorrect please e-mail me right away.