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\\ Welcome to Conan Fever.
A site dedicated to the best Japanese manga ever, Detective Conan, by Gosho Aoyama. Detective Conan was translated and published in various languages such as Thai, French, Chinese, Englsih, etc.. Besides, it was made as a movie for several times. Of all that, this is one of the best manga existing in the world !!

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\\ Updates
17.06.04 : I can't believe it. The 38 Volume hasn't published here in Thailand yet. It's been a year !! How much longer do we have to wait ?? So, I don't have anything to update, really sorry about that. Just wanna let you guys know that Conan Fever is not a dead site, ok ? So, as soon as I gotta read the 38th volume, I'll definitely have more to update ^^''. Oh and new link added on the link page...go check it out !!
14.10.03 : New suggested site " The Winter Bell " where you can adopt little cute detective conan sprites !! Click at the banner and get them !!

02.08.03 : Just drop by to tell you that I'm mega busy with my studying right now. So, I haven't updated for so long but I will be doing it soon. Please stick with me ^^.
20.06.03 : Quotes section is available now !!

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Quotes : Nice quotes from the manga
Gosho A. : A profile of Gosho Aoyama
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