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Toronto Ghost Signs


Coca-Cola sign, Queen St. W., Parkdale


The history of advertising and the history of Coca-Cola are inextricably intertwined. Here are two separate ghost Coca-Cola ads that have faded on top of one another. One has the firm name (also known as a "privilege sign") on the left, and the Coke logo on the right. The other has the privilege sign on the right and the Coke logo on the left. The second row of this privilege sign reads "perfumes".

Coca-Cola was one of the first companies to use short and snappy slogans in their ads: early Coke signs virtually always proclaim it as Delicious! and Refreshing! Coca-Cola also boasted that its product Relieves Fatigue!, though they downplayed this after a while, preferring to stress that Coke was an enjoyable beverage and not the Edwardian version of crank. On this sign, the "Delicious" and "Refreshing" references are clearly visible at the top, and "Relieves Fatigue" can be faintly discerned at the bottom.

Note to the guys in the Van Heusen ad: those shirt colours do not go with those jeans.